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Locksmith The Hague is specialized in opening locks and doors fastly in The Hague (Den Haag). Call us if you have lost your keys or when your keys have been stolen. Is your house broken into? Locksmith the Hague opens or repairs your locks professionally and ensures safe, new locks to help prevent further burglary.

  • 24/7 available for all lock services
  • Within 20 minutes on site
  • Certified locksmiths
  • Charges discussed beforehand

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Opening locks

If you have been locked out and have lost the keys or left them inside, the door has to be opened by a professional. Locksmith the Hague has over 25 years of experience and uses the best equipment to open doors without any damage in most cases.

Replacing locks

Locks that have been damaged or cannot provide enough security have to be replaced. All of our locks are SKG-certified to ensure optimal protection for you and your personal belongings. Not sure if your locks need replacement? Call us to let our lock specialists check if replacement is necessary.


All of our locksmiths in The Hague have a large stock of security products that help prevent burglary. Moreover, our locks ensure a PKVW quality mark, which means that they meet the by the police recommended standards for secure living.

Situations in which a locksmith is needed

Our locksmiths help you out when you have problems with keys, locks, doors and windows. In addition, we are specialized in burglar prevention and repair damage after a break-in. Within 20 minutes we will be at your location to provide fast and professional lock service.

‘My key broke off in the lock’

It can happen to anyone: you put the key in the lock and it breaks off. Very inconvenient as a key is hard to remove from a lock. In this situation, always call Locksmith The Hague and we will remove the key and repair or replace the lock.

‘My locks are old and damaged’

When your locks are older or have been damaged, there is a higher chance of burglary because the locks are weaker. Therefore, replace your locks on time with Locksmith The Hague. Our locks are new, safe and have a SKG-certificate for a strong and sustainable security.

‘I lost my keys’

If you do not know where you left your keys or you have lost them, replace your locks as soon as possible to prevent burglary. After all, you do not know who has the keys and what bad intentions they might have.

‘I locked myself out’

Left the keys inside when you went outside the house? Don’t worry, our locksmiths will be with you in 20 minutes to open your door, so you can go back inside.

‘My house was broken into’

Are your doors and windows damaged because someone broke into your house? Call Locksmith the Hague as soon as possible in case of burglary. We will repair the damage and provide secure locks for the doors and windows to prevent any further burglary.

‘There is a lot of burglary in my neighborhood’

If you live in a neighborhood in The Hague where there is a lot of breaking and entering, it is recommended to check your locks. We assess if the locks meet the security standards and advise about burglar prevention and secure locks.

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Service area of Locksmith The Hague

The lock specialists of Locksmith The Hague are active in every part of The Hague:

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For more information about our services or a price indication, please contact us via 070 783 0029 or send an email to info@slotenmakerdenhaag.nl.

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